Star Asia Solutions

Star Asia Solutions (SAS)

Following longstanding business presence in Southeast Asia, Star Asia Technologies created Star Asia Solutions (SAS) in 2011 to help foreign companies establish and build their business network in Asia. Through a partnership with SAS, North American businesses can quickly and safely expand their international reach and have representation in the ASEAN region. SAS has helped to establish several small and mid-sized US technology firms in countries such as Singapore and the Philippines.

By partnering with SAS, companies are assured a smooth and efficient entrance into Southeast Asia with the safety and resources of the companies within the Transnational Diversified Group (TDG).  TDG is a well-respected entity with over 30 member companies and corporations in various sectors throughout Asia. As a member of TDG, SAS can offer any company access to TDG’s support and expertise

Several US-based technology companies have successfully utilized Star Asia Solutions. More information can be found in the Success News postings.